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The Home Growers Circle: Real people with a passion to grow real food

Ethel & Bill Robert Charmaine & Brian Brandon Nancy Lewis & Tara Malika & Donny Andy & Susanna Craig & Gary Warren & Lovejoy


What's in your backyard? These growers choose to cultivate good food in theirs.

Speckled romaine lettuce at Glenfeliz Elementary in Atwater Village

Lemon cucumbers harvested from Adam and Jenna's Mid-City backyard garden

Pasadena figs from Malika

Santa Monica apricot from Lewis' backyard tree.

Squash, zucchini, and tomatoes harvested by Andy and Susanna in North Hollywood

Pakistani mulberries grown by Lewis and Tara in Santa Monica

Mixed greens, baby carrots, and purple broccoli grown by Robert in Silver Lake


Green thumbs like writing, too. A number of our growers keep their own blogs. Check them out!

May garden update
Intermittent sunny spring days are mixed with an early grey May. The Pakistani mulberry droops are plentiful and ripening sequentially, providing tasty daily treats ...

Savoring Summer
Writing from under the shade of the strawberry guava tree ...

Midsummer Garden Update 2011
A few Santa Rosa plums are ready to eat. The skins of the monstera deliciosa are peeling back signaling it's time to harvest. We're in a race with the birds, as to who's first to pick the selectively ripening soft figs and apricots. The Cherry of the Rio Grande surprised us with an abundant second harvest after a wan and premature one early last fall.

Fair Avenue farm update
Our garden has gone through lots of changes .... We're now ready to start bringing in our surplus crop to Forage. It looks like our first drop might be exclusively squash, but the tomatoes won't be far behind.

Garden Update: Early Spring 2011
What's really exciting is the copious Pakistani mulberry, with its currently chartreuse green curlicues, which lengthen into purple drupes as they ripen. There are literally 150 on one tree alone.

Spring is almost here ...
Our activities in the garden are really starting to pick up their pace. It seems like on the weekends we're spending a least a couple hours every day doing something in our little urban farm, and this weekend was no different.

A random visit on Presidents' Day
I was feeling relaxed and recharging my game. The phone rang. The man on the other end of the line introduced himself .... ould they stop by for a visit?

Paso Journal: In appreciation of wine and persimmons
The delivery of a Starr Hachiya is truly precious cargo to be treated with special care. It's difficult to bring a ripe Hachiya to market without damaging it.

There's no better time to grow than right now.
We wondered if we could have a more substantial stake in the lifecycle of our food by growing some of our own. It takes time, it isn't perfect, and it's learning curve that's short for some and lengthier for others. From backyard to table, it's our way of taking long, scenic route.


Eating local doesn't get any more local than this. A look at selected dishes featuring backyard bounty.

Glenfeliz Harvest Salad: Chopped Speckled Romaine and Swiss Chard with Chickpeas, Roasted Pistachios, Basmati Rice, and Blanched Swiss Chard Stems in a Celery and Oregano Vinaigrette. Vegetables grown by the students of Glenfeliz Elementary School in Atwater Village.

Escarole Bread Pudding with Winnetka escarole from Craig and Gary

Lewis and Tara's Pork Chop with Persimmon Butter with Santa Monica Hachiya persimmons from Lewis and Tara

Ways to support
urban farming
in Los Angeles

Community partners have stepped forward with ways you can support local growers:

We know how much everyone in this city loves the movies. Have you seen this one? The Garden is an Academy Award nominated documentary that tells the story of urban farmers who struggle against land developers to keep their community farm in South Central Los Angeles alive. This film offers a revealing look at the challenges of urban farming in a megacity once known for its agricultural output. The director of the film, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, is a Silver Lake resident and he has offered to not only sell DVDs of the film at a 10% discount, but also grant 10% of proceeds to support the certification fees of future participants of the Home Growers Circle. Buy a DVD and help us build support for an eleventh urban microfarmer. Maybe we'll have to ask one of the microfarmers to raise some corn so that we can make some home-grown movie popcorn. Click here to order a DVD and support the Home Growers Circle. Remember to use promotional code FORAGE.