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We Forage

You bring us the best of your backyard: Your tangerines, limes, blood oranges, avocados, carrots, kale, kumquats, tangelos, mustard greens, lettuce. The list goes on and on in a seemingly never-ending bounty. You help make our dishes undeniably fresh, truly local, and uniquely great. Your spirit is a reminder that real communities are built by individuals. From all of us at Forage, we tip our hats to you, the foragers.

Jared's Silver Lake loquats. Forage Harvest Call, 4/11/2010.

Sahar's Loma Vista yellow limes, 3/3/2010.

Ron and Merle share their beautiful kale from Los Feliz Oaks, 2/26/2010.

Sid and Helen share their Los Feliz tangerines, 2/26/2010.

Tara shares tangerines from Santa Monica, 2/23/2010.

Gina and her mom share their oregano, thyme, and geranium from Claremont.

What a pair: Carrots and Parsley. Forage Harvest Call, 2/21/2010.

Laura shares her lemons from Sherman Oaks, Forage Harvest Call, 2/21/2010.

Christa shares her Silver Lake blood oranges. Forage Harvest Call, 2/21/2010.

Matt shares his grapefruits and oranges from Silver Lake. Forage Harvest Call, 2/14/2010.

Richard shares his Franklin Hills kumquat bounty. Forage Harvest Call, 2/14/2010.

Craig from Franchi Seeds shares his beautiful Italian greens, grown by Craig and Gary in Winnetka. Forage Harvest Call, 2/21/2010.

What you've grown and shared with us in 2010

Meyer Lemons - Limes - Tangelos - Pink Grapefruit - Tangerines - Bearas Limes - Key Limes - Bok Choy - Kumquats - Kale - Tomatoes - Grapefruit - Oranges - Lemons - Blood Oranges - Valencia Oranges - Navel Oranges - Cardoons - Loquats - Lettuce - Pineapple Guava Blossoms - Cara Cara Orange - Broccolini - Spigarello - Italian Greens - Oregano - Thyme - Geramium - Rosemary - Lavender - Lavender Flowers - Buddha's Hand - Breadfruit - Fuerte Avocado - Arugula - Nagami Kumquats - Mustard Greens - Swiss Chard - Red Chard - Parsley - Bay Leaves

Where you've grown it

Silver Lake - Echo Park - Los Feliz - Franklin Hills - Los Feliz Oaks - Santa Monica - West Hollywood - Eagle Rock - Valley Glen - Lincoln Heights - Van Nuys - Paradise Cove - Highland Park - Solano Canyon - Winnetka - Fillmore - Claremont - Indio - Escondido